“Dirty Days”

JAED album packshot

Jaed (or Vanessa, as her mum probably calls her) arrived in the UK from her native Melbourne with an uncompromising rock record and in a blaze of press………….


“An abusive father, heroin, prostitution, gruelling detox…. You’re not going to Jaed2get sugar-coated melodies or lyrics like ‘Shiny Happy People’…The pain and rage is transformed into the most obscenely hooky nuggets of euphorically melodic, heavy punk rock”… CLASSIC ROCK

“The likes of My Way and Scream fold raw emotion into a brittle sense of restraint which is made all the more poignant when you realise that Eve has lived through every abuse she’s singing about!” KERRANG!

“Anyone mourning the demise of Hole and looking for a coherent Riot Grrl heroine could do far worse than to track down Dirty Days”. DEVOLUTION

“This album is seriously punk, and it’s fantastic to hear such passion from a woman in rock… this is an extremely promising debut”… BIG CHEESE

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