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Dharma Records

Dharma Records is a boutique record label based in London, established at the turn of the century. We don’t have a style or genre – we have style and extraordinary music in many genres.


Into 2024

Well it’s been a hell of a year so far!

Sheffield’s electronic wizards, I Monster, best known for the iconic “Daydream in Blue” have finally trumped their big hit, thanks to a new young audience who came via Tik Tok (of course) and who have discovered their amazing “Who is She?” from Neveroddoreven. A staggering 120 million streams on Spotify (and counting!). New singles accompany the announcement of a UK and European tour in April and a 20th Anniversary double vinyl release of their landmark album.

In other news Derby’s own Masters of Rock LostAlone have announced a new single and headline tour in March following their triumphant return on the road with McFly.

In August we were very excited to announce a brand new signing to the label … acclaimed New York singer songwriter Annie Dressner
Annie brings with her a wonderful catalogue and a brand new album set for release on April 5th ahead of a headline tour of the UK. Before that she’s busy doing shows with Bernard Butler and the excellent Trials of Cato, so do try to get to a show. Check out her latest single “Dance We Do”.

Over at sister publisher Knoxsongs Gina Larner is trailblazing her way into the pop country canon while showing everyone how social media is done. An Omeara show on April 5 heralds a fab new single “One Way Or Another”.

Oh, and did we tell you that the fabulous Megan Henwood is about to make a spectacular and very welcome return from her extended sabbatical? We are thrilled to partner with Karma Sounds to release a new EP of acoustic covers where Megan brings her distinctive style to something otherwise rather familiar… Presave the first track here

Meanwhile stand by for news from our sister label Instant Karma…. (new website!) …. Exciting times ahead.


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We don’t work from the same office. Or actually any office most of the time. We have interests outside of music, film, arts, books. And football. But not many. We occasionally go to conferences and seminars. And gigs.



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