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 Dharma Records

Dharma Records is a boutique record label based in London, established at the turn of the century. We don’t have a style or genre – we have style and extraordinary music in many genres.


Cunning Folk’s much anticipated album is released March 24… already picking up play on BBC 6 Music (Gideon Coe)

Next up from Kevin Pearce is the single “Heartbeat Mind” from the forthcoming album “So On”. “Hearbeat Mind” is available from January 27.

New single from Alexander Wolfe “I Cant Get To Sleep” out now… LISTEN
Sofar Sounds London live acoustic version HERE – Played by Chris Hawkins on BBC 6 Music

New signing to Instant Karma BLEACHED BONES release their new single “I Want To Know” December

Kevin Pearce previews his forthcoming album (scheduled Spring 2017) with dates around the UK during October and November and first single for Dharma: “Jump”.

Alexander Wolfe is warmly  welcomed back to Dharma and releases a new album in 2017. First single “Fixed For Today” is out now … check out the video here


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We don’t work from the same office. Or actually any office most of the time. We have interests outside of music, film, arts, books. And football. But not many. We occasionally go to conferences and seminars. And gigs. We try to keep up.



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