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Dharma Records is a boutique record label based in London, established at the turn of the century. We don’t have a style or genre – we have style and extraordinary music in many genres.



The Roadside Bandits Project continues to pick up press from around the world, including this great feature in Blues In Britain. Listen to the cracking new track Wastlelands.

CATALYSTS  continue to grow apace with each release. single. Sylvia has been played 400 times on stations around the UK. Many thanks for the support, particularly Kerrang FM and Amazing Radio. Next up You Got No Soul (August 20)

ALEXANDER WOLFE has been a busy chap. He’s just released a beautifully touching tribute to a fan who tragically took her own life. “I Hope You Get To Start Again, Olivia” precedes an ambitious project dealing with mental health. He has become an ambassador for mental health charity SANE.
Meanwhile he has been working on the soundtrack to AMAZON ORIGINAL TV SERIES “FLACK”. The first EP, by TYGERMYLK, written and produced by Alex, was released in April. Alex released his own EP to coincide with the release of FLACK” SERIES 2 on June 11th. Listen HERE

BAK//RORDAM released their much anticipated debut collaboration “The Odsherred Session” in March.
Listen here

Megan Henwood  returned in 2020 with a beautiful new child and the first fruits of her forthcoming new EP….. Doors was released in June (see below) and the new record is equally fabulous…. written in the latter stages of labour Megan says this: “it’s an ode to my past life as I am beckoning in a new one – like stepping through a portal”. Check out HELLO/GOODBYE

Say hello to BAK//RORDAM
Frans Bak has teamed up with renowned Danish guitarist Jan Rørdam to record a wonderful EP of piano and guitar compositions inspired by places of particular resonance to them. The first track released is written about and inspired by Frans’ lakeside studio in the village of  Odsherred


Artist, historian, folklorist, curator, and all round accessible auteur Cunning Folk released his latest opus in 2020. We’ve been popping tracks out ahead of its release through the year. The first coincided with Summer Solstice – the excellent Always The Sun.

The album “A Casual Invocation” also features his lament for the harvest festival and this timely nod to the (almost certainly wicked) Witch of Wapping (read all about it here).

Don’t miss the excellent “Traveller Hide Your Soul”  (possibly the first musical protective spell to ward off predatory song collectors from traditional singers in the Irish Traveller community…. says CF:  “Much in the same way as Lomax took from Leadbelly in the 20th century, song collectors still take from tradition keepers. I thought a protective hex was in order”). Listen to the spell here 


Megan Henwood has written her own lockdown lament … with surprisingly positive vibes and heard all over BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music…  Mark Radcliffe likes it. And we like him… listen


Listen to Fran Bak’s incredible new record  PIANO.

Hot on the heels of their debut single Sombre Circus (Feat. Nell Bryden), new band The Roadside Bandits Project released a new single in June featuring John Sterry of the Gang of Four: My Own Lies. The album is getting great reviews and is out now.

Now then. You may be aware of our exceptional examples of modern classical music; check out “Interview With The Angel” or “Ghostland Revisited” by GHOSTLAND, and “Merlin’s Hat” or “Such Sweet Thunder” by CAROLINE DALE. You’ll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, we are absolutely thrilled to add a special name to this list. FRANS BAK.
Frans is a highly accomplished and award-winning composer and well known throughout the world for composing scores for such shows as ‘THE KILLING’ (Danish and US versions), Dr. FOSTER (for the BBC), Lilyhammer, Disparue and many more international TV series.


We are really happy with the radio response, particularly from the excellent Robert Elms on BBC London to the debut single by The Frampton Sisters. There’s more to come in the new year … meanwhile check out
“Birds of a Feather”
and the lovely “Let Me Hold Your Hand”.

Hot on the heels of his sold out London show at St Pancras Old Church Alexander Wolfe delivered his latest album “Little Death”. Listen to the album here
or get the vinyl here


You may have seen it but healthy drink brand Berocca made a brilliant TV commercial which has been running since last year and continues into 2020 –  featuring our own Panjabi MC‘s massive bhangra hit “Mundian To Bach Ke”. Watch it again HERE!



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