“Epic and ferocious orchestral pop that swims on fragile electronic waters and flourishes an atmospheric emotional breakdown, leaving no other choice but to bow down. Magical…”

This was the kind of hyperbole that greeted Blossomer when they arrived on the scene in 2015. Gigs with bands like Gengahr and Pinkshinyultrablast followed and various Tramlines appearances in their native Sheffield culminating in a memorable show at Sheffield Cathedral in 2016.

To say that the phones were hot with enthusiastic enquiries from labels, agents, lawyers, would be an understatement. And then, with a wonderful album just completed…. They split!

Zan (vocals) went off to supplement his screenwriting degree with a masters in film. Rob (bass, keys) pursued his need for a degree in digital media production and web development while Alex (McKay, guitars) left for South America. In truth the album was a fabulous affair – rich in texture and melody and suffused with beats and electronic warmth. So much so that Instant Karma (Dharma Records) came in and released the record and it has since become a favourite with music programmers across tv and media, featuring in various BBC tv shows and documentaries along with US channels such as Vice/HBO.

Cut to present.

Instant Karma are thrilled to welcome back Blossomer…
Their educational adventures and travels now satisfied, the band are back and ready to build on the extraordinary promise of the criminally overlooked first record.

With an EP planned for the new year, the band release their first track from that on September 21st through Instant Karma. A gentle, spheric electronic beats- and warmth-infused lament, hinting at what might follow. Listen to the first track PREACHER_LEARNER here …