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I Monster


Neveroddoreven Remodelled

It is the chill-out classic ‘Daydream In Blue’ for which this ground-breaking electronic Sheffield band is best known. Most recently it was sampled to good effect by US rapper Lupé Fiasco.

 The song has featured in countless TV ads and movies, including the TV ad campaign for Ford Focus. ‘The Blue Wrath’ is the opening theme of the very funny SHAUN OF THE DEAD while ‘Hey Mrs’ has appeared in ads for Toyota and for Absolut Vodka, ‘Heaven’ in ads for McDonalds and for Macy’s. These songs along with the haunting ‘Who Is She?’ and ‘These Are Our Children’ have appeared in countless films and TV dramas all over the world.


The Monstaz have subsequently released a couple of albums on their own label which are well worth checking out (once you’ve got this one, obviously) and we have released two albums of previously unreleased or rare tracks and remixes, at the behest of fans – see the REMIXED and RARE page.

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