The Kennedy Soundtrack

The Kennedy Soundtrack

“Tale of 2 Cities”

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As defining albums go, it’s unlikely many other records will get as close as “Tale of 2 Cities” does to summing up the musical mood of 2002. An enterprising and heady mix of rock and hip-hop, it’s sure to excite fans of either ilk, and if for too long such music has seemed stagnant, this is a record eager to make the most of garage’s promise to push things forward – the phrase may have been coined by Mike Skinner but it is becoming and appropriate motif for the whole underground.

Here, such ambition comes dressed in diversity. Just checking the concluding “Too Much Stress” (heavily steeped in street-beat music) which seems a long way from the opening “Wrong Day” (one of a few tracks heavily influenced by Faith No More), but which, because of the journey in between, makes sound sense.

Helping things along are “Strain”, “Here 4 You” and “Killing Music” – all indicative of the band’s ability to blend grooves, inventive raps and beautiful melodies – as well as “24/7”, which manages to draw on an energy that validates occasional comparisons to Rage Against The Machine.

The Kennedy Soundtrack may lack the humour of Outkast, and sometimes their straightforward lyrical approach can feel slightly unchallenging, but the fact is that not many artists have the ability to make great music sound this simple.

“Tale of 2 Cities” is essential listening.

***** Johnny K – FLY MAGAZINE


This five piece band hailing from South Wales formed in early 1999. Meeting at the Gwent tertiary college in Cross Keys, the group blended a mix of tastes from the likes of ‘Stereophonics’ to ‘Rage Against the Machine’ and after a few line up and name changes they finally found their feet at the beginning of 2000.
Finalising their line up and naming themselves ‘The Kennedy Soundtrack’ The Kennedy Soundtrack photo 2 Klaus ThymannSinger/Guitarist David Challenger, Guitarist Rob Giles, Bassist Eliot Blake, Drummer Troy Marshall and Front Man Nic Havard established their sound as a blend of Rap and Rock.

Signing to Instant Karma in April 2001 the group went on to play at numerous festivals including the prestigious Reading and Leeds festivals and toured with the likes of Pitchshifter, Taproot, Sencer, Pink and their fellow Newportians SkinDred.

Releasing their album ‘A Tale of 2 Cities’ in 2002 they were nominated Best The Kennedy Soundtrack photo 1 Klaus Thymann webBritish Newcomer at the Kerrang Awards and won Best Welsh Newcomers at the welsh music awards in the same year. The album also featured E-Swift and Too Much of American Hip Hop group ‘Tha Alkoholiks’

They also enjoyed success with the release of their first single ‘Killing Music’ reaching the top 5 in the Kerrang charts and their following singles ‘24/7’ and ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ getting into the top 75.

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