CATALYSTS are an anthemic punk rock band formed in South Wales, UK in 2018. Their eclectic musical style combines influences from alternative punk rock and fuses them with epic electronic synth elements which brings a unique sound and edge to the bands songwriting.

Following their debut self-released “ALIVE” in May 2020, Catalysts released their 2nd Single , a Prog-Punk-Rock anthem “The Otherside” and began to catch the eye of interested parties. Not least Dharma Records…..

CATALYSTS is drawn from three other bands who initially came together during the burgeoning South Wales music scene: “The Kennedy Soundtrack”, “Panz Agenda” and “Under Crimson Skies”.

David Challenger – Lead Vocals
Elliot Blake – Riff Guitar and Synth
Craig O’Connor – Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paul Owen – Bass Guitar
Haitham Alhardan – Drums

Stand by… there’s more to come.