Remixed & Rare

Remixed & Rare



Sheffield’s electronic trail-blazers I Monster first reached our wider delighted ears with the hit single ‘Daydream in Blue’ back in 2001. The track has gone on to enjoy a long and labyrinthine life with regular appearances in films and tv shows as well as major ad campaigns around the world. The song was recently sampled and covered to great effect by Lupe Fiasco and featured Jill Scott. Other notable hits via film, tv and commercials include ‘Hey Mrs!’, ‘Who is She?’, ‘These Are Our Children’,  ‘The Blue Wrath’ and ‘Heaven’; all of which appear on the album “NeveroddoreveN”.

This album opens with a brand new remix of Daydream by French electro/dance/rock outfit The Penelopes bringing a continental dynamic and a touch of Parisienne cool. The album collects all other mixes of the track, both previously released with the original single mix (also included here), and previously unreleased.
Elsewhere the album collects hitherto unavailable mixes of other classics such as ‘Hey Mrs!’ (which features fellow Sheffield icon Richard Hawley on guitar), another song to have enjoyed a life of reinvigoration in tv ads and tv shows across the globe and ‘Who Is She?’ which is currently wowing Russian audiences in a commercial for a glorious-looking chocolate confection. Pay particular attention to the ‘Lesbian Lovers mix’ which is sung by the unfeasibly and effortlessly sexy French chanteuse Marion Benoist. Marion crops up again (you wish) on ‘The Back Seat of My Car’.
The album is rounded off with the very version of The Blue Wrath that so memorably opened the hit movie Shaun of the Dead.
None of these tracks have been previously available for download.



This collection pulls together for the first time all the b-sides, some ‘secret’ tracks available with the original release of the “NeveroddoreveN” CD plus seven hitherto unreleased tracks. These include the beautiful ‘Electricalove’ featuring vocals by Tiana Krahn, ‘Machines’, a slightly unlikely cover of a Mort Shuman song and perhaps most notably the lead track ‘Freak’ which is a collaboration with the national treasure that is Betty Boo! Go Monstaz!

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